A Pasta Meal in a Flash

Pasta's are easy to cook. Pasta itself just needs to be placed in boiling water and can be cooked in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the type of pasta of course. And while the pasta is boiling you can already prepare your desired sauce, whether it may be tomato based, pesto or cream based, you can be finished in now time. You can have a pasta meal in a flash, provided you know what you’re doing.

To those experienced in the kitchen, this kind of meal is easy to make. But to the novices might still find pasta a little daunting or troublesome. One thing that you should watch out when cooking pasta is the noodles. You need to test every now and then to see if the noodles are done. The pasta cooks pretty quickly and leaving it too long can result to soggy noodles.

Avoid placing the pasta when the water is not yet boiling. This will help prevent the pasta from becoming all mushy, soft and sticky. Also, keep the water at a boil at all times. You can help make the pasta firmer if you add salt into the boiling water. Note that you should not cover the pot when you already placed the pasta. When the pasta is done, take it off the boiling water. The pasta will continue to cook if you leave it there. With that, one half of your pasta meal is done. The other half would be the sauce.

The good thing about pasta is having several choices for sauces. Actually, at some point you will be stomped on what kind of sauce to make due to the varieties. If you’re a pasta person then having a couple of sauces stored in your refrigerator would be the best ways to go. If you have pesto, you can use that to sauce your pasta. Add additional garlic, some mushrooms or even Italian sausages and topped with cheese and you can have a good meal.

Bottled or canned sun-dried tomatoes can go well with pasta. I always try to have some sun-dried tomatoes ready since you can just pour it over your pasta and voila! A tomato based pasta without the traditional tomato sauce and pastes. Top with grated cheese and partnered with bread and you can have a fulfilling meal in no time.

If you want a cream-based sauce, just prepare some sliced olives, cream, oregano and grated cheese. Mix the cream, olives and oregano together with your pasta and finish off with grated cheese on top. A simple cream-based pasta but can be quite joyous to the palette.

Olive oil is also a staple sauce for pasta and can be quite easy to use as well. You can mix olive oil with canned seafood or slices of meat or sausages to create a sauce for your pasta. You can add basil for flavor and don’t forget the grated cheese. If you want to experiment, try adding spicy flavored meat or canned seafood. Spicy pasta may not be for everyone but still a good dish in my account.

A pasta meal in a flash is really just that. In a span of 15 to 20 minutes you would have already prepared a good, hearty meal of pasta in either tomato, cream or olive-based sauce. It is a quick meal that I personally won’t get tire off.

 Eating your Tofu

Tofu is one of the healthier foods that you should incorporate in your diet. It is low in cholesterol and calories yet it is high in protein and vitamins. Also known as bean curd, tofu is often used in soups. It is quite easy to prepare and with some quick and easy recipes you can have a meal with tofu any day in the week.

You can pan fry it, add to it salads, combine it with meat, fish, and even make it info sandwich fillings. There are a lot of things that you can do with your tofu. For one, you can prepare it as a dip for your crackers and chips. All you need is to add sautéed garlic and onion to tofu, blend in a food processor and add some salt and pepper to taste. Make sure that you remove as much water as you can from the tofu, first before you mix them all up. This is a very healthy dip which you can use for snacks and even for parties.

In recent years, more and more people are becoming acquainted with tofu and loving it, if I might add. Tofu sales in the supermarket have been on a steady increase. Tofu is a good substitute for meat protein because compared to meat it contains more protein and less cholesterol. And with a lot of new recipes to cook tofu, you won’t get tired of it.

Tofu dishes are often quite tasty because every seasoning or ingredient will stand out. Tofu in itself is not very tasty. So with even very little seasonings, you can create quite a tasty tofu dish. You just need to know how to prepare them. You can easily put square tofu on top of a dish but its not really the best way to prepare tofu.

One dish that is quite easy to make is combining tofu with mushrooms. You will need large mushrooms for this one since you will be stuffing the hollowed part with tofu. Prepare the tofu stuffing by adding green onions, crushed garlic, a little bit of soy sauce, a little bit of oyster sauce, and salt and pepper to taste. Once you’re done stuffing the mushroom, you bake the lot not more than 15 minutes. This is quite a treat.

If you want something to spice up your meal, a chili tofu dish might do the trick. What you do is marinate cube tofu in a bowl of chili powder mixed with soy sauce and garlic. After marinating for 15 minutes or so place the tofu along with the marinade in a heated pan with olive oil. Cook the tofu until they are crispy on the sides. To get that excess oil out of the tofu, placing them on a kitchen towel should do the trick.

You can of course combine your tofu dish with other combinations. Lamp, burger, crab meat, potatoes, noodles and even rice would go perfect with your tofu dishes.

You can even make a tofu burger. All you need is to mix tofu with flour to form the patties and fry on a pan or grill. You can add ketchup and mustard afterwards. If you want to be fancy, adding barbecue sauce would be great as well. These are just a few of the quick and easy recipes for your tofu dishes which you can make.

 Preparing Quick and Easy Recipe Chinese style 

You are at home during the weekends and suddenly started craving Chinese food. You remember that your favorite Chinese food that delivers is close during the weekends. You thought of going out and getting some Chinese food but the next restaurant is quite far and you just don’t want to make that trip for Chinese food. Now all this trouble might have been avoided if you only knew how to cook Chinese food. Knowing some quick and easy Chinese recipes can really make a difference.

Generally, the easiest Chinese food can be cooked in just 10 to 15 minutes. Most of the easy ones involve just stir frying the ingredients and before you know it you’re enjoying a hot meal with your chopsticks. What actually takes long is the preparation. Nevertheless, there are several cooking preparation tips that you can apply to make your life a lot easier.

To be able to cook a hot Oriental meal quickly, you should learn to prepare the ingredients before hand. For example, ginger can be peeled, sealed in a jar and place inside the refrigerator until needed and believe me you will need ginger almost all the time. It is one of the most used ingredients in Chinese cooking.

You could also do better if you have prepared the meat and vegetables ahead of time. Basically this means you are anticipating that you will crave for Chinese food anytime. If you like the food, I don’t see why this should be any problem. With meat you should cut them in uniform sizes so stir-frying them is a lot easier and they cook faster as well. You can cover the cut meat with a plastic wrap and store them inside your refrigerator. The same goes with vegetables. Wash, cut and store them.

I know that this is not an ideal practice but if you’re really out of time or you want that Chinese food really fast, an option for vegetables would be to use frozen and/or canned ones. You can find in your supermarket frozen vegetables that are already prepared for stir-frying. Canned Chinese vegetables such as bamboo shoots and mushrooms are also available in the market. There’s no substitute for fresh vegetables though.

Remember your sauce concoctions. You can use the same sauce recipes for other Chinese dishes. This way you save time from experimenting every time you cook. You can do a lot with a few tablespoons of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and even sugar. Or another option would be to settle with ready-made sauce or marinade. There should be several flavors to choose from.

Actually you’ll be surprised on what you can find in your supermarket’s shelves. There is an assortment of products which can make your cooking a lot simpler and easier. From canned vegetables and meat, to instant broths, marinades and sauces, you can have that Oriental flavor in a flash just by adding water, boiling or including the flavors in your cooking.

But one of the best tricks, if you find yourself in a pinch is learn to simplify the recipe. A quick and easy Chinese recipe involves simplifying your ingredients, preparation and cooking. Although, experimentation can indeed lead to some truly incredible meals, but when your in a rush and someone’s already waiting for their meals, it would be best to stick to the tried and tested recipes, at least for the now.

 Recipe Dishes for Daily Cooking

We wake up in the morning, We start thinking about what the day will bring. Among the things that you will think about is work, your job, the commute to the office, your deadlines, and what to eat for breakfast. Yup, food is one of things that come to mind. It is only natural. You need something to fire you up for the rest of the day. There are several quick and easy dishes intended for daily cooking that you should learn yourself if you want to become independent from the unhealthy breakfasts beings served in fast food joints.

Let’s begin with some easy breakfast dishes. If you have several leftover potatoes from your dinner the previous day, you can eat if for your breakfast. What you do is pan fry the potatoes after you have already chopped them into bite sized pieces. You should add onions and some pepper to taste. Allow the potatoes to fry until a little crisp on the sides. This is a good, full breakfast meal. You can side it off with a serving of side salad and being washed down by a fruit shake or smoothie.

Or create your own sandwich. You can experiment with whatever slices of ham, sausages, or even leftover chicken or turkey. You can try using English muffins as your sandwich bread to make it a little different. Add egg and cheese to your filling including some tomatoes, romaine, mayo, mustard and ketchup. If this breakfast sandwich won’t keep you going the whole day, or just until the next meal which is lunch.

Beef pitas can be quite good for a lunch meal. Get some ground beef out of your fridge. You mix it with some yogurt, mustard, and bell pepper. You stuffed your pita with this mixture and you’re done. You can pack and bring this to your office.

If you’re fed up with sandwiches and even pitas for lunch, you can always go with some ramen. You can cook it in a microwave. It is fast and quite tasty. To make it heavier, you can always add some chicken, turkey or beef leftovers in it. And to have a healthier approach, avoid using the seasonings provided in the package. Try to make your own. You can easily make something out from lemon pepper and/or chili powder. Some soy sauce or even oyster sauce might do the trick.

If you’re a little bit weight conscious, you can pack some tuna pasta or tuna salads. All you need are some greens, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, olive oil, and maybe some nuts or cranberries, and tuna. Just mix everything up, add some pepper if you like it and munch away. You can replace tuna with turkey or chicken. You have a good and fulfilling lunch right there.

You can have pasta as well. Prepare a sauce from pesto add some cheese and spicy Italian sausages and voila. Combine with some bread and you’ll survive until dinner.

If you have time before you go to work, you can already prepare some burger patties for a dinner meal. Your patties can be made from pork, turkey, or chicken mixed with breadcrumbs. Add some salt and pepper to taste and you’ll have pretty tasty burgers on your plate. Grill or broil the patties and serve with sauce, mustard or ketchup.

You see if you know some quick and easy recipes for daily cooking, you won’t go hungry. Plus you will have variety and you and your family will enjoy more of your every day meals.

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